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Coaching teams in design and tech

Let's put together a custom setup where I meet with your team for about six hours per month during six months or more. For optimal effect the group coaching is complemented with individual coaching.

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Per Axbom föreläser framför en grupp, där cirka 12 människor syns i bild.

A safe partnership

Group coaching always starts off with current challenges and concerns unique to the team. Each session ends with a practical assignment that is reviewed in following meetings. It's always something that brings value to the organisation. The sessions are prepared and documented to ensure the best possible support, and insights about progress. Between sessions individual contacts via e-mail are encouraged .


Coaching teams leads to participants:

  • Feeling seen and learning more about themselves.

  • Becoming more secure and confident in their roles.

  • Strengthening their ability to speak to their convictions.

  • Improving their interplay and working better as a group.

  • More easily avoiding being seduced by ideas that do not match the team situation and context.

  • More naturally having organisational goals and purpose in mind when working.

  • Better understanding what tools, both digital and analog, are suitable in differents situations.

  • Enjoying their work more.

Pricing example for a 6-month agreement

This example includes
- Around 10 participants.
- Up to 6 hours together with the group per month.
- Availability for e-mail communication between sessions (for all participants)
- Documentation and follow-ups that illustrate learnings, insights and progress
- Option of pausing a month or two, for example during July and December.

Group coaching

Tailored group coaching with regular sessions that can alternate online or on location.

2, 600 Euro/month

Group + individual 6

Tailored group coaching plus 6 hours per month devoted to individual coaching.

3, 800 Euro/month

Group + individual 10

Tailored group coaching plus 12 hours per month devoted to individual coaching.

4, 800 Euro/month

Note: I also offer coaching within the retainer service I refer to as Digital Drive. Do read about this to determine if the broader service where I also contribute as a consultant may be appropriate for your situation.

Express an interest

No expression of interest is binding. I'm interested in getting an understanding for the needs of your team in order for me to propose a setup and price range that we can use as a foundation for further discussions.

axbom (logotyp)

Per Axbom is a digital ethicist and communication theorist working as a designer, coach and teacher. He has worked digitally since 1982, been blogging since 1997, podcasting since 2007 and running his own company since 2010. Per is also the author of Digital compassion.

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